Langkawi’s Night Markets: Best Street Food in Malaysia

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Street food in the Indian Subcontinent and the South-East Asian countries is a world of its own. I mean, I don’t think any trip to a SE Asian country is ever complete without trying their street food and same is the case with Malaysia. Night Markets in Malaysia offer a plethora of mouthwatering food at super cheap prices. And the ones of Langkawi are one of the best in Malaysia (personally, we feel Langkawi’s Night Markets are THE BEST in the country!!)

Langkawi Night Market
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In Langkawi, on every single day of the week, a night market is set up at a different place. There is a schedule of their location and timings (mentioned below). It is like a street market with makeshift stalls, mostly by nearby villagers and local vendors. Although local food is the prime attraction of the night markets, its not just about food. You will find clothes, souvenirs, watches, sunglasses, wallets & handbags, paintings, DVDs and many other small items.

In this blog post, we will talk about:

  • Why do we recommend visiting the Night Markets of Langkawi?
  • Which are the top Night Markets in Langkawi and their schedule?
  • What to try in the Night Markets?

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What are Night Markets and why do we recommend them?

Night markets in Langkawi (and in other Malaysian cities) are small/medium sized street bazaars where you will get a taste of the local. Known as pasar malam in Malay language, it is a lively affair with local vendors setting up makeshift stalls along a stretch of road and selling all kinds of local items. These include food & snacks, fresh produce, fruits & juices and other items like low-cost clothes, souvenirs, watches and sunglasses. Best of all, you can bargain and further bring down the prices. Important note – many of these items, such as wallets, handbags, watches are imitation goods.

watches in Langkawi’s Night Markets
Plenty of low-cost watches and other items for sale at Langkawi’s Night Markets

The reason why we loved it so much is because you get a real flavour of local and country-side life in these night markets. These night markets are enjoyable shopping experiences in Langkawi where you can see friendly locals, expats, and tourists strolling through colourful stalls and sampling delicious street snacks.

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Best Night Markets in Langkawi + schedule

If you are planning to visit one of these fantastic night markets in Langkawi, check out the list below to find out where the markets are set up each day. Although there are about 7-8 night markets in different places of Langkawi, Pekan Kuah & Padang Matsirat are the bigger and the more famous ones.

1. Pekan Kuah Night Market

Day and Time: Wednesday and Saturday, 5.30 pm to 10 pm
Location: Click to See on Google maps
This one is the biggest and is also the one where we went. It was on a Wednesday and still the atmosphere was stunning. I guess Saturdays will be more awesome, although more crowded.

cakes in Langkawi’s Night Markets
Those cakes at the Pekan Kuah Night Market were really enticing!

2. Ayer Hangat Night Market

Day and Time: Friday, 5.30 pm to 10 pm
Location: Click to See on Google maps

3. Ulu Melaka Night Market

Day and Time: Monday, 5.30 pm to 10 pm
Location: Click to See on Google maps

4. Padang Matsirat Night Market

Day and Time: Sunday, 5.30 pm to 10 pm
Location: Click to See on Google maps
In addition to being a relatively larger market, this one also has a huge parking area.

snacks - Malaysia's Night Markets
Yummy snacks!!

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What to try in Langkawi’s Night Markets?

We were surprised to find a huge plethora of different types of Food & Drinks at the Pekan Kuah Night Market. I mean, there were so many that we got confused – what to try and what to leave!

Pekan Kuah Night Market Langkawi
We started off our street-food fest with Chicken Satay!!

While chit-chatting with some locals, we learnt that some of the “people’s favourites” include grilled seafood, chicken or beef satay, murtabak, green mango salad, lemongrass chicken on a stick and fresh fruit juices. Do keep in mind that some dishes can be really spicy.

Later on, we also learnt that the Pekan Kuah Night Market is also a favourite place for the local working class, who come here after the tiring day’s work and have hot dinner at a cheap price. A sumptuous dinner for 2 can easily be done for a total of RM 15 only!
(RM 1 = 17 INR approx = $ 0.25 approx; 2018)

After thinking a lot about what to eat, we ended up trying the following:

  • 1 Full Grilled Pomfret (fish)
  • Chicken Satay (grilled chicken on skewers)
  • Mee Goreng (Malaysian stir-fried Noodles)
  • and, Chicken Murtabak (pan-fried bread stuffed with cheese and chicken)

Just for fun:
One thing that is bound to catch your attention in every night market that you visit is Durian! It’s supposed to be the national fruit of Malaysia. But, it has a pretty irritating odour – so much so that some hotels even restrict you from eating Durian inside your room!

durian friut malaysia
Durian – the Jackfruit look-alike national fruit of Malaysia!

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A word of Caution:
Be extra vigilant when buying food at the markets, as quite often the food has been cooked quite some time before you purchase it. Wherever possible watch the stall owners cook your food fresh in front of you. Another way is to keep an eye on local shoppers – if they avoid certain stalls or food, it might be for a reason, so you should do the same.

Langkawi Night Market – Our Photo Gallery

Whether you visit the larger Night Markets or catch a smaller version, it’s not the number of stalls that make Langkawi’s Night Markets world-famous. It’s the atmosphere! Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself.

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