How to get visas easily, hasslefree, anywhere: iVisa!

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Most of us love travelling, don’t we? And, like us, if travelling makes you happier than anything else, you would definitely know about the pain of getting the visa; especially with a ‘not-so-strong’ Indian passport. Many times it might happen that even though you want to plan an international trip, but it’s this pain and uncertainty of visa applications that force you to either postpone or cancel your trip altogether. And hence I have always been in the lookout for ways to get visas easily, hasslefree and from anywhere.

get visa easily
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One of the ways you can get your visas done easily is by using a processing service like iVisa. With iVisa you can bid goodbye to endless research and dealing with visa offices/consulates. Their service enables you to process visas from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

In this blog-post, I will show you how you can shed all the visa-worries, by providing you with tips about any visa application process and will also show you step-by-step how to get visas easily processed through iVisa.

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How to get Visas easily ?

Check Visa Requirements

Checking your visa requirements is the first step of the process. Depending on your passport/citizenship, there will be countries that you might not even need a visa. And there will also be countries which will provide you with visa-on-arrival. But it’s best to check ?? and confirm it yourself if you need a visa or not:

After you check your visa requirements and if you need a visa, the next step is to get all the relevant documents ready to apply for the travel visa.

Documents, Passport and Photo

Different countries need different documents for processing of travel visa. This is also where iVisa’s platform comes to be of great help. Their database is always updated with the latest requirement of different countries.

Get all the information related to your travel visa on iVisa’s platform


Many of us generally take it lightly, but the specifications of the photo are really important. Make sure you get your photo exactly according to the details given on the application form. One of my acquaintance’s Schengen visa application was rejected only because of the photo wasn’t as prescribed on the form.

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Personal information – check, re-check, check-again!

The next step is to enter necessary personal information like passport details, travel/flight details and contact information. Please check multiple times for any spellings mistakes, typos etc before submitting the application. Once you are convinced everything is good, submit the application and make the payment.

And that’s all…!

Your job is done!

Now iVisa’s system will take care of the remaining part of the process and soon you will receive your travel visa!

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Summary of How to get Visas easily

Start by checking if you need a visa or not

This ☝☝ is an example when I did my family’s Dubai travel visa with iVisa
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Once you have checked all the documents and got them ready, start filling up the online form

While filling us the form, make sure there are no typos!

Make the payment and upload any additional documents… DONE !!!

What is iVisa and why do we recommend it?

iVisa is a reputed company that provides expedited processing and guidance for any visa application. They have been successfully processing thousands of travel visas every month since 2013.

Having done our travel visas through iVisa, here are some of the reasons why we recommend them:

  • Extremely easy and user-friendly interface – website is very easy to use even if it’s your 1st time.
  • Impressive service – the team will help you out and also keep you updated about the process.
  • They strongly stick to their time commitments.

So, go ahead and apply for your travel visa now!

Here is a small video about getting your travel visa easily through iVisa ??

We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you get your travel visas easily and will relieve you of your worries. In the end, we would like to wish you all the best in all your visa applications and Bon Voyage for your travels!

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