Japan Air Show

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This post about the Japan Air show which was held in Tsuiki in 2013, is essentially a photo-blog. Since I am very new to shooting air shows, hence not yet qualified enough to write a “how to shoot air shows” or “camera settings” etc. But you will find the EXIF that I used for taking these photos (at the end).

Photo-blog: Japan Air Show
Tsuiki Air Field – 2013

Preparing yourself (technically) before heading to photo-shoot any event (like Fireworks etc) is probably the most important aspect. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for this one at all. One fine Saturday morning very early morning (28th April 2013), my friend woke me up and told that there is this Air-show not very far from our city. It was already 6 am, and we just rushed to the venue. I was just lucky that my camera and phone were fully charged and utilized the drive-time to read through some “how to shoot” etc. (details are given below).

japan air show tsuiki

About Tsuiki (Japan)

Tsuiki is a small city in the Fukuoka prefecture (Kyushu Island) and is mainly known for its airbase –  Japan Air Self-Defense Force Tsuiki Airbase.

tsuiki location japan
Tsuiki is located in the western part of Japan

Reaching Tsuiki is not a difficult task if you are on the Kyushu island. You can reach the Kyushu island from the other ones either via Fukuoka or through Oita. Since I used to stay in Oita, it was fairly simple for me. Just a 90km drive!

oita to tsuiki
Oita to Tsuiki

The Air Show

     We reached the airbase around 8am, but as expected, it was already heavily crowded. A tip, similar to the fireworks photography, the place you choose (or “get” if you are late) is very important for framing a nice shot. That’s why most pro-photographers had apparently reached there by 5.30 am !!

We were lucky enough that a partially-cloudy day gradually cleared up to become bright and sunny, and hence most of the photos have a beautiful blue backdrop! 🙂

japan air show
The lineup!
japan air show
Getting ready!
japan air show
Another one getting suited up!

…and the Air Show begins…

tsuiki air show
Fired up!!
japan air show
The Fleet !
japan air show
japan air show
soaring high !
japan air show
My Favorite!!
japan air show
The Dip!

Although my max zoom lens was only 200 mm, my Japanese language skills came to rescue and I was successful in convincing an old uncle to share one of his lenses (400 mm) with me which he wasn’t using (coz he had a 600mm lens) !!

japan air show
Twists and Turns!

Camera Settings used:

ISO: 200
Shutter speed: as fast as possible (approx 1/250 – 1/400 sec)
Aperture: f/7.1Links:
How To Photograph an Airshow
Tips and Tutorials for Photographing Air Shows

In the end…

Tsuiki Air show
Landed !

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43 thoughts on “Japan Air Show”

  1. I’ve never even been to an air show and the idea almost scares me. I’ve always had a fear of flying but I am absolutely in awe of planes at the same time. You’ve really captured the power of the planes in these pictures though, so impressive and beautiful!

  2. Your photography skills are 'Soaring High'-er and higher with time. Keep experimenting, mate !!! I personally liked the very first pic on this page the most. 'The Fleet' looks like a WW2 snap – perfect & scary.

  3. Thank you "Just a girl becoming well acquainted with the world". Yup, without any prior experience of shooting airshows, I was just lucky that the photos came out good. 🙂

  4. As always Amazing pictures Mainak & beautifully captured! Soaring High & the Dip are my favorites of the lot!

  5. Hello Helena.. Thank you so much, I am glad you liked the photos…
    and I am sure you can take a similar photo, infact much better..
    I saw your "Paris" post and left you a comment. I think it will be super if you can put some texts too. 🙂

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