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A travel and photography blog by three hardcore engineers, from families full of other hardcore engineers, who knew nothing about blogging, setting up a WordPress website, marketing or about social media! Fortunately enough we knew how to Google these. Thus managing the difficult part, the learning bit was easy. ( *sarcasm* 😉 )

It’s Okay To Be Different

Todd Parr

Our story…

Coming from engineering backgrounds, we get used to terms like “entropy”, “Archimedes’ Constant”, “Euler’s number”, “thermodynamic potentials” but hardly we get any time to think about our own potential. Busy going through the stories of Archimedes and Euler, we forget to tell our own stories. Worse is not having the time to live the stories we want to tell.

Thankfully among the hardcore engineers in our family, there is a hardcore traveler, trekking enthusiast and the storyteller I admire the most – my Father. Like how everyone from all age groups gather around him to listen to the same old stories (detailed to every small information) again and again inspires me even today. What inspires me more is that he still remembers all the details and still has those same adrenaline filled facial expressions and gestures while he’s at it.

I always wanted to be able to do something like that. Entice people with my stories. Help them with the things I learn. Become a storyteller.

Travelling and taking photos is something that I have always loved, probably its one of those things that I have inherited from my father. While traveling around the country since the time I was a toddler, he instilled in me that sense of adventure and breaking out of stereotypic comfort zones yet keeping us comfortable at all times. I deeply admired the way he recorded every information with the sole purpose of just conveying it to others when they asked. Hence telling a story and simultaneously helping out with valuable information seems like something we have been running as a family business (minus the business part).

So, Places in Pixel initially started of as an idea inspired by – “Dynamic Equilibrium” – a free blog where I used to scribble my travel stories and photography tips/hacks during post-grad days (back in 2011-12) but wasn’t consistent enough for mostly “post-grad” reasons.

{why ‘dynamic equilibrium’ (meaning a state of balance during continuing processes)? – may be I was too much into Chemical Engineering!! And just like I said, as an engineer we get used to these terms. Guilty pleasures. 😀
However, the name made some sense because traveling always leaves me in an internal state of balance while all the other processes continue in the background}

It was only in 2017, that a thought occurred to me – may be I can do it better.. Thinking back, I guess I would have got inspired while browsing through thousands of photos that I took while travelling through the length and breadth of Japan! So many stories to tell. So much content and information about an entire country and culture made me confident on the path I was about to venture on.

So, in June 2017, I was joined on this path by my younger brother (sibling) – Arnab (in conjunction with his plans of travelling to offbeat places) and my better-half – Sonakshi (who’s very supportive, enthusiastic and adaptable). After a few days of brainstorming (days because I was in Japan and they were in India and the internet connection in India can force a normally 30min video chat to stretch over a few days, if you are lucky. Just kidding. Not.) we came up with the name “Places in Pixel” and registered the domain. Hence began a new chapter of my storytelling journal.

The name couldn’t have been more apt because that’s exactly what we do – share our stories from faraway lands, vast stretches of sands, high mountains and beautiful cities through the lenses of our cameras hardcoded on the pixels of your screens!

placesinpixel team about us

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.”