All you need to know about Island hopping Langkawi 2020

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A common misconception among people travelling to Langkawi is the thought that Langkawi is just an island. The reality is that Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia’s west coast. And most of these small-small islands are really beautiful. This makes Island hopping in Langkawi as one of the most popular activities there. This should not be of surprise as it offers visitors an opportunity to explore many of Langkawi’s lesser-known stunning islets.

Island hopping in Langkawi
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Any standard island-hopping tour in Langkawi usually starts at 9 am or 10 am in the morning and lasts for 3.5 to 4 hours. Because of its popularity, this activity is offered by virtually all tour operators, travel stalls, and hotels in Langkawi. A standard tour will include a few scenic islands to the south of the main island of Langkawi and eagle feeding where you can experience the marvelous spectacle of many eagles swooping down from the sky to catch their prey in the water.

In this blog about Island Hopping in Langkawi, we will be talking about:

  • Things to know before booking/starting your island hopping tour
  • What to Wear & Bring during Island Hopping in Langkawi?
  • What to expect from the tour?
  • Approximate costs of an Island Hopping tour in Langkawi
  • Island Hopping tour ‘vs’ Langkawi Mangrove tour – which is better?

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Hopping islands on a speedboat..!!

Things to know before your island hopping tour Langkawi

  1. Island-hopping tours Langkawi start from the Teluk Baru jetty.
  2. There are plenty of tour operators offering the tour.
  3. Typically there are two island hopping tours a day – one in the morning, starts around 9 am and the second one in the afternoon, starting at 2 pm.
  4. Most island hopping tours have 3 stops – Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Lake), Pulau Singa Besar (eagle feeding/watching), and Beras Basah Island (tropical island for relaxing).
  5. It’s not necessary to book in advance.

However, if a boat trip through the Mangroves of Langkawi sounds more exciting to you than an island-hopping, we suggest you do the Langkawi Mangrove tour instead. Floating amidst the stunning mangroves is the best ecotourism that Malaysia can offer.

? Langkawi Mangrove Tour – the best of Kilim Karst Geoforest Park
? Why do we recommend Langkawi Mangrove Tour over Island Hopping Tour?

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What to wear & bring during the island Hopping tour Langkawi?

  • Water – although some tour operators provide a bottle of drinking water, its recommended to carry your own water bottles, especially during the summer months.
  • Some snacks might also be handy.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself against the scorching sun.
  • Swim-wear / extra dress if you plan to get into the water at the Beras Basah tropical island.

Plastic water bottles: if you carry your own water bottles, please don’t throw them on the beach or in the water. And the same goes with snacks’ packets/wrappers. It’s a beautiful natural habitat for a lot of birds and animals, and let’s keep it clean. Bring back your own trash!

What to expect from Island hopping tour Langkawi?

Most island hopping tours have 3 stops – Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar, and Beras Basah Island. Below is a short summary of our experience in these 3 spots:

The 1st stop was Pulau Dayang Bunting – the island of ‘Pregnant Maiden’. The reason for this name is that it looks like the silhouette of a reclined pregnant lady from afar. This is a wonderful scenic fresh-water lake surrounded by mountains that are covered with dense forests. We were given an hour to spend here. There’s a 15 min walk up the long flight of stairs to go up the mountain and down from the other side to reach the wonderful lake.

Pulau Dayang Bunting | Langkawi
Pulau Dayang Bunting – the island of ‘Pregnant Maiden’ [1]

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Next was eagle watching at Pulau Singa Besar. Like all boats, ours also included a stop for wild eagle viewing. The captains of the boats started enticing the circling eagles with raw pieces of chicken so we get a closer view. The problem with this behaviour is that the eagles are so accustomed to being fed now they have almost given up on their natural hunting skills.

Thie Beras Basah island was the last stop in the tour. The name literally means “Island of wet rice”. This is a picture-perfect island with far-reaching views of the sea and wonderful soft white sand. It’s a great place for beach lovers and swimmers. There is a stall that offers banana boating, jet skis, and also beer and some snacks. The island is an excellent place to relax.

Beautiful tropical island

Langkawi Hopping Tour Package

On average, the price is RM 45 – RM 55 per person on a sharing boat. Since we were a family of 5, we took a complete boat (small) for ourselves and bargained the price down to RM 200 total (5 adults).

During the non-peak months, it’s better not to book in advance. You can go there and negotiate/bargain directly with the tour operators. But during peak season, it might be a good idea to book in advance.

Note: If you book in advance, many tour operators include hotel transfers also in the tour costs.

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Which is better – Island Hopping or Mangrove tour Langkawi?

Short answer – if you have time to do only one of them, we recommend the Mangrove tour.

Having done both the tours, we felt that island-hopping is more touristy and found the Mangrove tour less crowded and more natural. Riding on a boat through the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park takes you to a completely different world.

Detailed comparison:
? Langkawi Mangrove Tour vs Island Hopping Tour – which one should you choose?

We thoroughly enjoyed both the tours, but loved he Mangrove tour more than the inland hopping!

Also, as an overall experience, the Mangrove tour packs in 3-4 different types of experiences as compared to the island hopping tour Langkawi. If you prefer riding along the green mangroves, walking into a wild cave full of bats, playing with fishes on a floating fish-farm, and watch eagles hunt for food in the wild, then I am sure you will prefer the Langkawi Mangrove tour.

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Island hopping in Langkawi – photo gallery


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    1. Yes, absolutely correct.. both are beautiful in their own sense.. and as I mentioned, its just a matter of personal choice.. 🙂

  1. Love how you’ve differentiated between the two tour types. I prefer a variety of experiences too, and Island hopping sounds a bit tiring.

  2. The island hopping in Langkawi looks pretty cool. I would love to return to Malaysia and visit this part of the the country as well. I have only been to the Perhentians.

  3. This was great! I am always looking for new places to go and honestly, I had never heard of this! We went to Thailand last year and hopefully our Bali trip this summer is still a go! I loved that you mentioned whether to book ahead or not and if negotiating is possible.

    1. Ya, I belive its the same all over SE Asia.. if you are planning to visit in non-peak season, some amount of bargaining/negotiations is always possible!

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