Travel Photo Book: the perfect way to preserve travel stories

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We all love our vacations – don’t we? Some days under the beautiful sun, near the blue waters or amidst the canopy of mountain mist, our vacations are about a lot of self-love, exploring new destinations and trying new cuisines. While vacation calories shouldn’t count, our exotic travel photos should certainly matter to us.

But you know what is more important after reaching home from a beautiful travel time? To preserve your travel tales in a long lasting travel photo book – So that you can visit your journeys each time without actually taking it again. And your travel photo book should capture your travel story in a perfect way.

travel photo book
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Here are some tips and ideas to make your travel photo book – just perfect as your vacation.

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Tell your Travel Story with what you have…

Every travel is a story in itself. While you are on the trip, you may or may not have a professional camera along with you. Nonetheless, your phone camera and our photo ideas will help you create the most amazing photo book worthy clicks that will stay fresh in your memories for years to come. So don’t worry if you don’t have a professional DSLR camera, your phone-cam is enough to get the right frames and create magic.

To create a good story – try to have a tempting start, beautiful travel elements and satisfying photos of your trip. If you’re on a beach, mountain, solo or family vacation, choose a special travel theme to match the mood of your vacation.

our malaysia photo book
A page from our Malaysia travel photo book

Begin from the First Start Point

Whatever be the mode of your travel to the destination – start to capture moments from the very beginning of your journey. You can also snap while packing your stuff, airport hustle or the moment your train enters the destination. Try to capture the ‘First Look’ of people and places that you encounter on the way. If you’re travelling by flight, capture the window view or touch down on the tarmac.

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New Eyes for New Views

Just a different vision – change the way you see things. While on your vacation, try to capture scenic locations, pristine beaches, quaint cafes, museums, architectural marvels, or mountains. Move out of your comfort zone and click from a different angle or perspective.

Attempt a wide angle shot with your friends or family from a distant point- it helps to capture the exact feel of your beautiful surroundings. You can also try to click few action photos like while you are in the car, splashing waves or even a snowball fight will look amazing when put together in a photo book.

our malaysia photo book
and that’s how beautiful the photo book looks!

Capture iconic Landmarks

Each destination will have an iconic landmark or a beautiful landscape that defines the location. So for once you can ditch the mandatory groufies or selfies and add a fresh look to get a great shot of the surroundings.

You can also try to click the reflection of any monument on your pair of sunglasses, climb up to a nearby tower to get a beautiful shot from some height or ask your friends to stare at the landscape in awe. When out on a family trip, crazy shots of each member of the family holding up the monument never goes out of fashion. Go ahead and let your imagination free to mix people you love and iconic locations in one frame.

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Don’t let Golden Hours Slip Away

In any part of the world, golden hours – an hour after sunrise and one before sunset are termed precious by photographers to get the best natural light to capture silhouettes and intense-contrast photos. If you happen to be out during early morning or late evening, make sure to include one of these shots in your travel photo book.

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Roam Like a Local

Capture local people, cuisine, traditions, events, festivals and wildlife to bring authentic feel to your travel tales. Get the tempting food shots, ask your cab driver to pose with you or any interesting locale you speak to on the streets.

Best way to capture the destination’s local vibe is to walk on foot. You can also check for any cultural or region specific events happening- it will make up to be a visual treat and you definitely have stories to tell when you return home.

If you happen to be at a destination that has or is near to nature reserve, try to find unique wildlife like birds, animals, or aquatic life and make sure to capture it. Go for nature walks, adventure rides and capture its feel.

printed photo books

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Preserve your Travel stories with a printed Travel Photo Book

Yes – digital images fail to connect and do not release a similar nostalgia as a printed photo book does. There’s a different charm to hold your travel memories in your hands and re-visit each vacation nicely captured with your camera. Don’t think much – Head on to Picsy for all your travel photo book needs- how to create, where to print and all! Picsy is a mobile app to preserve your photos in high quality personalised photo books with over 150+ themes. You just need to download the app, choose your theme, upload photos and order. Your photo book will be ready in minutes- fastest creation time guaranteed.

Each travel theme in Picsy is beautifully designed keeping in mind everything that you are looking for in a photo book. Just upload your photos and edit it if you need. You will receive your beautiful hard bound printed photo book at your doorstep within a few days. If you have friends or family living abroad, with whom you want to share your incredible travel moments – Picsy delivers globally too.

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Steps to create your own travel photo book with Picsy

Get your beautiful photo book in 5 easy steps:

First: Download the app

Download the the Picsy app (iOS and Android ) and create your account.

Use the above link or use the code ‘F04VQB‘ while signing up and
get Rs.200 in your Picsy wallet + 20% cashback on the order value !!

2nd Step: Choose your theme

To make your cherish-able photo book, click on the travel photo book tab and choose from a wide variety of available themes.

3rd Step: Customise the layout

Next, upload you travel photos and start adding them to your photo book. You can easily shift between different layout schemes which are available.

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4th Step: Review

Once you are done customising the layout – choosing which photos to put where, adding some texts – then, its time to review your final product. If needed, you can easily change the sequence or photos.

Final Step: Place the order

Now that you have reviewed everything it’s time to place the order. Enter your address, select your preferred payment mode and you are done! (Picsy delivers globally too!)

picsy photo book oreder

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In the end…

Use the above tips and ideas, along with the 5 steps to compose and receive your travel photo book within a few days – to last a fantastic personalised souvenir of your exotic vacation. Because years later, when those memories of your special vacations fade, you can pick it up again and feel the cool mountain breeze, waves caressing the shores or the sands below your feet slip away silently!

You’re just a step away from lifelong happiness that comes with fuzzy nostalgia of your travel memories. Don’t Miss Out- Download Picsy app Now!

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