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Off-beat experiences are always fun, especially when they are amidst the mountains. And the Himachal area is one such place in India that offers many off-beat destinations and experiences among the mighty Himalayas. Dharamshala is one of those awesome places in Himachal Pradesh which is loaded with small off-beat treks and unique accommodations like the Hobo Hostel.

During one of my office trips in Delhi, I was able to sneak in 3-4 days off-time and did a road trip to Dharamshala. Hobe hostel welcomed us (I went with a friend) with warmth and we had a wonderful time there.

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Dharamshala is also famous for a few other things like – an absolutely stunning Cricket Stadium perched in the mountains and also as the home of the Dalai Lama, though in fact the Tibetan spiritual leader is based 3km up the hill in McLeod Ganj.

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About Hobo Hostel

The Hobo Hostel is one of a kind and this inimitable hostel is set up in the very lap of the mighty Himalayas. One can truly experience the Kangra District and its flavours while at this beautiful hostel designed and hosted by the most thoughtful and wonderful people. Dharamshala, McLeodganj, Dharamkot, Bhagsunag, etc. are only a few kilometres away and one even can rent a bike from the very hostel itself and go on an unforgettable ride into the Kangri mountain roads. When at the hostel, the guests get to experience lush green views with snow-capped mountains towering in the backdrop and even magnificent sunsets through the valley. By nightfall, the sky is full of stars and on a clear night, one can even admire the Milky Way. A local river, named Manoni, is about a 90 meters walk down the flourished meadows; with animals grazing amidst the Deodar and Pine (trees) surrounded lands.

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Location and Surroundings

The topography of the area around the Hobo Hostel and especially behind it is simply astounding and too much to digest on a weekend trip. To truly embrace the grandeur of that place one needs at least a month to explore every nook and corner as that is the feeling it leaves you with that you do not want to miss out on anything. For this very reason, the hosts have curated some trekking/hiking and camping tour packages such that the people opting for them are never left dissatisfied. They have certified crew members who can even take you on new unexplored paths in order to make sure you do not leave without fulfilling your heart’s content and even if you do, everything about this place makes you return for more.

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Experience Difference

This hostel truly lives by its tag line – “Experience Difference”; at every point, the guests can experience similar aspects of a cliché hostel differently and even choose to have different kinds of experiences. They offer a plethora of activities and things to do in and around the hostel. The location of this hostel is indeed offbeat yet it offers a variety of surprises to the visitors. The pristine nature of this place is breathtaking and it should remain that way. Local authorities and even Hobo Hostel is fighting against the increasing concern of plastic and glass waste and all travellers/tourists need to be more responsible on their part. Consumption cannot be stopped but proper waste disposal can be managed. If one just takes care of their individual footprint then that is enough to help the natural beauty of such places survive. Honestly, after Kohinoor, the Himalayas are the only precious jewels of India. Together they make the country’s crown. People from all around the world visit these places for it comprises of large mystical libraries delivering profound knowledge and it only enhances when the natural aspects of these locations are untouched and the exquisiteness prevails forever.

Hobo’s wonderful staff

At Hobo Hostel the hosts have already taken care of all the needs any guests can have at any hostel and even innovatively designed the beds and the rooms for ultimate privacy and comfort. Security is not an aspect when in Himachal yet all the guests are given separate lockers. All the dorms and the Private room are always kept clean and have attached balconies offering the best of the views. The café has a common lounge where guests can chill sharing thoughts and listening to their taste of music. Attached to the café is a rainbow terrace with swings and vertical farming walls showcasing their love for greenery and promoting agriculture. On request, they even arrange for a Bonfire on the terrace around which guests can enjoy the cold winter nights.

The super friendly people!

I am sure that this would have inspired you to pack your bags for Dharamshala and book your stay at Hobo. In addition, we have compiled a series of articles about our experience. Please take a look:

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