Stylish Doha of Qatar – A Quick Guide

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Whenever you think of travelling to the Middle East, cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi come first to your mind. However, you just can’t ignore the rising Doha which is an exciting city recently making it’s way to every traveller’s checklist without any hesitation. Unlike any other city with its brimming skyscrapers and lavishly huge 5-star hotels and landscapes, Doha will definitely sweep you off your feet the very first time. It’s the capital city of Qatar, the peninsula nation which is on a fast-track development with respect to technology and tourism.

Qatar had a history of making a living from pearl fishing and sea fishing, until the mid 20th century when it began oil production and exports. It witnessed itself from rags to riches and today is one of the fastest-growing economies. Particularly, it has grown exponentially in the tourism industry due to its remarkable architecture and ultra-luxurious malls. What’s more, it’s slated to host the FIFA world cup 2022!!

doha qatar
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Doha encompasses all the cultural blend, diversity, and tradition of Qatar which makes it a one-stop destination for exploring the most out of Qatar.

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In this Travel Guide to Doha, you will find out:

  • Best time to travel to Doha
  • Top places to visit in Doha
  • How to reach Doha
  • Points to take-care of while planning your trip

Travel Guide to Doha

Best time to visit

Summers are not really recommended for a visit, but winters are the best time. Winters are an absolute bliss in Doha. Downpours are expected in the first 2-3 weeks, the temperature and weather are perfect for a peaceful vacation.

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Top things to do when you’re in Doha

The gorgeous and splendid Pearl Qatar

One can definitely not miss one of the main highlights of Doha which is the Pearl Qatar. It is basically a man-made island located offshore of Doha’s West Bay coast. It houses everything the elite class requires for a luxurious lifestyle, be it swanky apartments and villas or famous restaurants and malls. The royal yachts, luxury cars, and private boats, you name it and the Pearl has it. Enjoy the purely visual treat of Qatar and get stunned by the view.

pearl qatar doha
The Pearl Qatar

Enjoy the impressive Al Zubarah

Fans and followers of history and heritage sites should definitely check out this place. The Al Zubarah is a magnificent fort that ancestorially used to be a pearl fishing and trading port. In 2013, it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first and the only one in Qatar. It is located on Qatar’s north-west coast, an hour’s drive from Doha. The fort witnesses the socio-economic transformation of the ancient land and tremendous efforts have been taken to preserve the archaeological beauty of the site for the visitors. It has a blissful and calming view from the interior with wood carvings and artifacts. It’s freely accessible for a visit during the daytime.

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Explore Qatari Culture in Katara Cultural Village

Located on the eastern coast between West Bay and The Pearl, the Katara Cultural Village houses the nation’s most inspiring art venues and is a must-visit for fans of art and culture. Needless to say, it is considered to be the global art destination in Doha which hosts various festivals and exhibitions. Also, it has a vast array of galleries and theatres. Among the cultural festivals, the European Jazz Festival and the Traditional Dhow Festival are particularly famous. Apart from that, there are various academic facilities for scholars as well. It’s an experience definitely not to miss.

Katara Masjid - Doha, Qatar
Masjid of Katara within Katara Cultural Village [1]

Visit the iconic Souq Waqif

Also known as the “standing market”, Souq Waqif is a traditional marketplace which is popular among locals and tourists. The complex covers a plethora of different sections ranging from fresh spices and herbs to textiles, cheap chocolates and a classic collection of cutlery and cookware. You can also explore Qatari food which the locals sell in bitefuls at the end of the market. Other than that, there are various restaurants and cafes to stop by which offer a wide range of cuisines. The vibrant atmosphere takes you to a different era all totally.

doha souq

? A walking tour of Old Dubai – Exploring the Old Souqs and the Historical side of Dubai

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Delve into adventure sports

Qatar is one of the few nations that has a dedicated National holiday for Sports. There are various different options for indulging in every type of sport, be it traditional or unique ones like skiing on sand dunes, camel racing, etc.

The wonderful crystal clear waters also open opportunities to water sports such as scuba diving, water skiing, and kayaking. Apart from that, Qatar is encouraging sports culture to a greater extent, with ample investments in sports infrastructures and clubs, most of which are open to the public.

underwater activities in Doha
underwater activities in Doha

Food in Doha

Qatari cuisine is essentially influenced by Iranian and Indian cuisines. Experiencing authentic cuisine of Doha which is the traditional Arabic food is definitely worth it. Due to the local abundance of seafood and dates, it is considered to be a staple food in Doha, more like a non-skippable element. The Qatari Machboos is the most popular one which is a spiced rice dish mixed with any marinated meat or fish. Also, the traditional Arabic coffee is a must-try which is available locally in every food corner.

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How to reach

Hamad International Airport, located in Doha city, is the only international airport in Qatar. But the good thing is there are plenty of flights operating to-and-from all the major cities across the globe.

Booking your trip well in advance would get you the best deals as well as reduce the last-minute stress. Especially if you want to visit during the tourist season in winter as there could be a surge in the flight rates. An airline like EgyptAir offers some of the lowest fares. It has its operations extended to more than 75 destinations worldwide.

Book your flights and discover the best fares on EgyptAir Airlines on Cleartrip. On Cleartrip you can make your reservations, check flight schedules and avail interesting offers and deals on your flight.

doha city
Doha City from a flight window

Plan your trip wisely

Before you head to Doha, there are a few things that you should know so as to enjoy a seamless stay.

  • Dress code – respectful clothing is expected off any foreigner, particularly in the holy month of Ramadan. One should dress modestly and not show too much skin publicly. Many of the mosques expect every visitor to wear their traditional attire. If not, at least make sure you carry a scarf and wear long-sleeved clothes.
  • Ramadan in Doha – eating and drinking in public places are strictly prohibited from sun up to sundown. Also, all shops, restaurants, and cafes remain closed during the day.
  • Alcohol in Doha – Qatar prohibits you to bring any alcohol into the country. Alcohol is unavailable in local shops and bars, but surely available in the fairly expensive restaurants and hotels.

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