Why Bhutan Tour is the Ideal Choice for an Indian traveler’s First Foreign Trip

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In today’s world, holidaying in an international destination isn’t such a huge affair as compared to maybe 20 years back. There are plenty of resources out there that can guide you through. But even today, planning for your first international travel will make your heart pump faster. There will be hundreds of questions in your mind. Which country do I visit? Do I need a visa? If yes, then how to get that? Where should I exchange currency? Will it be within my budget? Is the country safe for travel? and plenty more… As a result, most people resort to hiring a travel company to do this job. Well, it definitely takes away the stress by a large amount, but don’t you wanna feel the adrenaline rush through your veins when you plan your first foreign trip on your own? don’t you wanna immerse in the feeling of accomplishment that follows?

Of course, you do! That’s what makes you a traveler. And we are here to make that easier for you…

In this post we have outlined 9 awesome reasons why we feel that

Bhutan Tour is a perfect choice for an Indian’s first foreign trip.

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WE in Bhutan!

1. Visa is hassle free and FREE !!

There you go!! I guess this itself is a motivation big enough to opt for a trip to Bhutan as your first international travel experience.
I guess one of the biggest nightmares related to your first foreign trip can be your visa application to a country getting rejected.
VOILA! Indians don’t need a prior travel visa to get into Bhutan. We only need an entry permit which can be made right at the border. This means that you can book your tickets, pack your bag and show up on the border city with relevant documents (on a weekday between 9 am to 5 pm), and get your entry permit. Absolutely free of cost !! (just as we did)

Also read: our detailed guide about how to get Bhutan entry permit

2. Planning is easy for Bhutan Tour

I think point #1 itself makes it a convenient choice for your First Foreign Trip. But if that’s not enough, planning for Bhutan tour is super easy too. To guide you, we have written a ton of articles on Bhutan from our own experiences of exploring the country.

3. Inexpensive

We Indians always have a strong inclination towards anything and everything that is not-so-expensive; and Bhutan fits right there. And we also have a generic mental block that international travel will be a ‘super expensive affair’. Although for travelers from the rest of the world, a Bhutan tour will turn out to be significantly expensive ($250 per person per night – I would still say it’s absolutely worth it), for citizens of India a trip to Bhutan will not burn a hole in your pocket.
Just to inspire you further, we did our entire trip in Rs. 34,000!! This includes Every.Single.Thing, door-to-door, 2 adults, 7 days!! Check out our Bhutan travel guide to know more…

4. Similar yet different

  • The currency value is the same (1 Nu = Rs.1; and you can easily use Indian Rupees in Bhutan – no exchange or conversion needed!)
  • The driving side is the same and traffic rules are similar (in Bhutan also you drive on the left side of the road!)
  • Language is similar (English is common everywhere and in some places, you will find people speaking Hindi as well..)

Amidst all these similarities (which will make your first foreign trip more comfortable), both the countries are vastly different in many aspects, giving you a unique experience on the other side of the border –

  • Development and prosperity in Bhutan are measured in GNH (Gross National Happiness) instead of GDP.
  • Clean and green everywhere!
  • Bhutan is a rare country where you will not be hassled by annoying vendors outside the famous tourist spots!!!

5. Photographers’ paradise

Bhutan offers immense opportunities for photography, especially landscapes. Clear blue skies, sparkling rivers, distinctive Bhutanese architecture, smiling faces, and much more. Bhutan is truly a paradise for the shutterbug inside you!
Feel free to capture images of the panoramic views of the mountain ranges, rural life, flora and fauna, and the exterior of Dzongs and Chortens. However please check with your guide (or some locals) before taking pictures or filming inside Dzongs, temples, monasteries

6. You can travel safely for a trip to Bhutan

Bhutan, in general is a very safe country; especially scams/crimes against travelers are completely unheard of – making Bhutan probably the safest destination in the world for travelers.

7. A self driven international trip to Bhutan can’t be easier

If exploring a new country by driving around in your own car is your dream OR if the thought of riding your bike through the mighty Himalayas gives you an adrenaline rush – Bhutan is your dream come true!

To get inside Bhutan in your own car and explore the country, you will need a car permit. And, for that, all you need is original documents of your car and a driving license. By showing these documents at the immigration office in Phuentsholing you will get the permit.

For a bike trip, there are various travel companies that organize biking tours from India to Bhutan. If you’re planning to go on your own, the procedure is the same as that mentioned above.

Himalaya bike trip
Read about our Himalayan Bike trips

8. Happiness is the key

The Kingdom of Bhutan believes that their policy of high value, low impact tourism has facilitated the promotion and preservation of their cultural values. And hence, development and prosperity in Bhutan are measured in GNH (Gross National Happiness) instead of GDP.

Throughout our trip, we found that people went out of their way to make sure that we were having one of the greatest experiences. And, trust us when we say that everyone experiences the same.

BONUS: The calmness and serenity will make you wanna stay there forever

A guest of one night is like a god” – an old Bhutanese proverb. It captures the essence of hospitality offered by Bhutan. The Bhutanese people open the doors to their homes and hearts for all travelers!
The places, its people, the hospitality, the calmness of the mountains, and the overall serenity of the environment will make you wish if you could extend your trip to infinity and stay there forever…

Bhutan first foreign trip
PIN it..!!
So, here we are.. these were the top 9 reasons why we feel Bhutan is an easy choice for an Indian Traveler’s first foreign trip. Now that you have decided, read our ULTIMATE Bhutan travel guide to plan your trip better!

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    It was wonderful to know so many things about Bhutan which was unknown to me.Hope to visit Bhutan in the coming years.

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      Excellent write up. Covered it up very minutely. Have plans to drive down to Bhutan. Will connect on it.

      1. Excellent post….. need not elaborate as i have visited earlier…….photography and description in brief very good and i enjoyed…….

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