Top Places to Visit in Mauritius – a crisp Travel Guide

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Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean. It is well known for its fascinating beaches, mountains, white sand, national parks, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife. Mauritius will leave you totally mesmerized with quite a number of places to visit in there.

In this crisp travel guide, we have outlined the top places to visit in Mauritius along with other helpful information like weather, visa, currency etc.

places to visit in Mauritius
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Although the official language of the National Assembly is English, Mauritius doesn’t have an official language. In Mauritius, majority of the people speaks in the language Creole – a French-based language. In addition, French, English and a few Indian languages are also popular.

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The weather in the Maldives is much more hot and sunny in the whole full year. The finest weather and the best time to visit the Maldives is in the middle of November and April. The peak season of tourism falls in November and March. The rains season runs around May to October. The approximate temperatures of 23ºC-32ºC.


The currency used in Mauritius is “Mauritian rupee”. 100 Mauritian rupee is roughly 2.5 US dollar (March 2020).

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Visa Requirements:

Mauritius Visa charges no fees for many citizens like India. For travelling to Mauritius, all the tourists must fulfil the requirements by holding a legal passport, return tickets and sufficient money for the accommodation in Mauritius (such as the minimum amount of US $100 per person per day).

Capital of Mauritius

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius . It is well known for its beaches and beautiful architectural buildings that are build by French architecture. The Blue penny museum, Caudan and waterfront are the most popular and visited places. Caudan waterfront is the shopping and dining place.

places to visit in Mauritius

Top 5 places to visit in Mauritius

Ile Aux Aigrettes Island

Ile Aux aigrettes was announced as the Nature Reserve in 1966 and it is internationally important site because of its natural beauty. This tiny coral island is famous for Egrets. Egrets are the herons which have white hairs and have long legs.

Some plants are only found in Ile Aux Aigrettes which was considered nowhere found in the world. Almost 19 Mauritian species have grown on the island which was classified and declared as the rare species. Ile Aux Aigrettes has an interesting history as in the 2nd World War, this island was used by the British as a military base and at that time many forests were resilient. Some are remaining on the island which depicts the date of that period. In 1985, for the purpose of restoring the vegetation of the island, the Mauritian wildlife appeal fund established the rehabilitation and management projects. MWAF allows the public to visit the island and enjoy the originality natural look of Mauritius.

Isle aux Cerfs

Isle aux Cerfs is well known as the “deer island”. This island comprises on 100 of acres land and unfortunately, there are no more deer alive now. But you can find here the world’s most fascinating beaches.

It is a very important place to visit in Mauritius. It is famous for its whitish sandy beaches. In this place, you have to make sure you should have to spend a day for fun and relaxation on the picture-postcard beaches.

It is also a good place for swimmers. There are many facilities such as hotels, resorts, golf courses, etc that are available on the island. Last year, this island is very much popular for the tourist destination in Mauritius.

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Flic en Flac Beach

It is considered as the 3rd tourist place for Mauritius. Flic en Flac beach is located on the west part of Mauritius. Flic en Flac beach was evolved and settled from the little village to towns for getting the popularity of best holiday destinations. Now, this small village has proved and become the most interesting tourism area for local Mauritian and international tourists.

Flic en Flac beach Mauritius

It is a great place as it has beaches, watersports, and blue lagoons. Although it is a very large beach that has many resorts, spa, restaurants, shops. People walk them for the 9 to 10 km long beach in the noon. It’s the best place for honeymoon and newlyweds couple to spend leisure time ahead.

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La Cuvette Public Beach

La Cuvette beach is one of the best beaches. Recently this beach is assembled as a roadside area, that takes the tourists to the sandy sides of the beach. This beach has proved itself to be one of the best beaches that shows the coastline of Mauritius, as it has each and everything one could want, from crystal clear water to white sandy place and a refreshing stalls of flavorful local cuisine.

The beauty of La Cuvette public beach that it is known as one of the simple types of beaches, as this beach does not have hand made sculptures by the craftsmen. It’s just a simple small beach which has palm trees, clear crystal water and white sand. This beach has its own wonderful charm and will remind you of some of the wonderful beaches of France.

La Cuvette beach in Mauritius is one of the beaches that will not exactly the very lengthy beach, there is a harsh condition that is some weather issues that may make it a bit unsafe for the visitors. Being a tropical island, from April to June it is sunny. The months between July to October is a time when visitor should be careful on. The beach areas often experience severe thunderstorms, along with the rain that quite often floods to the roads. During these months, visiting this beach is not recommended.

For the purpose of accommodation Veranda Grand Baie Hotel and Mauricia Beachcomber are highly recommended.

Mont Choisy beach

Mont Choisy is the longest beach of North site Mauritius. It is known as the beach of endless beauty. This beach is surrounded by the greenery and casuarinas trees, white sand and crystal water like other mostly beaches have.

When you enter the beach you will found a monument of Mont Choisy that depicts the past of the first flight between Mauritius to the reunion. Mont Choisy beach is considered the best beach for the family picnics because you will found a quiet corner for lunch or dinner on the beach site and can see the sunset. Mostly on the weekends, this beach is overcrowded by the local families and the best timing to visit Mont Choisy beach is 7 to 10 am and in the afternoon.

Activities at Mont Choisy beach are Windsurfing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and speed boat trips.

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