Golden Chance Driving License in Abu Dhabi: Quick & Easy way to get your UAE Driver’s License

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Getting a driving license (DL) in UAE can be a slightly cumbersome and a decently expensive affair. And, especially if you don’t have a driving license from your home country, it will turn out to be time-consuming as well as it might end up costing you around 5000 AED. But, in case you already have a DL from your home country, it is much easier. Expats from a few countries (list is given here) can directly convert their DLs to a UAE license. But, even if you are not from one of the countries mentioned in the list, there is still good news for you. You will get something called a “GOLDEN CHANCE“.

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What is a Golden Chance?

Golden chance in an opportunity, a kind of short cut, in which you get a chance to take the driving test without going for driving classes at the Emirates Driving Company. With this, you can save a lot of time and money which otherwise you would will need to spend on daily driving lessons.

Eligibility for Golden Chance driving license in UAE

Those who are already having a driving license from their home country are eligible to apply for golden chance driving license. You will need to produce your original (and valid) driving licence along with its Arabic translation at the time of “opening your file”. Arabic translation can be done at any “typing centre”.

Documents Needed

  1. Home country driving license (original) and its Arabic translation (original)
  2. Passport and residence visa page – original and photocopy
  3. Emirates ID card – original and photocopy
  4. Colour photo – passport size – 2
  5. Eye test report
  6. No objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).

My personal experience of getting Golden Chance Driving License in Abu Dhabi

Since I had submitted the Arabic translation of my Indian driving license at the time of application, I was eligible for Golden Chance. After I passed the theory test, I applied for a Road Training Permission card to start On-Road Training. You can easily apply for this on the Abu Dhabi Police mobile app. It costed me 115 AED (including courier).

I found plenty of private driving instructors waiting out the Emirates Driving Company. You can go ahead with your on-road training with any one of them. Typically their fee is 50-80 AED per hour – depending on your bargaining skills.

Although the instructor who trained me has initially asked for 70, after a bit of negotiation finally settled for 60 AED per hour. Since I hadn’t driven much in the previous 2-3 years, it took me some time to get used to the roads and especially to the left-hand driving in UAE. Generally, people with prior experience take around 10-15 hours of practice. I took 20 hours. Those who have less driving experience might even take 30 hours.

Once my instructor was convinced with my driving skills, he gave give me a certificate of completion. I went ahead and took the road test and passed it at once!!

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In the end…

If you found this information helpful, please leave a comment below to let us know, it would really make us happy. Also, if you need any other information relating UAE Driving License, please ask you questions in the comments and I will definitely reply back.

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57 thoughts on “Golden Chance Driving License in Abu Dhabi: Quick & Easy way to get your UAE Driver’s License”

  1. Sachin Subhash

    Hi Mainak,
    I am currently in Visit Visa and I am currently looking for Taxi Driver Job but I don’t have UAE Driving License.

    So can I apply for Golden Chance as I am in urgent need for job.

  2. Hello Mainak,
    How are you my friend. I just read your post and all comments. I really appreciate your efforts and help for others.
    I have a question, I have been doing job here in Dubai in IT for the past 5 months. My visa is from Dubai’s company. I have a valid Home Country License as well.
    Can I open file and apply for Abu Dhabi Golden Chance DL?
    Someone told me that because of Dubai Employment Visa, I cannot apply in Abu Dhabi Golden Chance License.
    Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hi Yasir, I am really glad that you liked the blog and found it informative.
      Coming to your question, yes I have also heard the same that people who have a work-visa issued in Dubai cannot apply for DL in Abu Dhabi.
      But you can definitely apply for golden chance in Dubai.

      Hope this helps..

      All the best

  3. Hi Mainak,

    I’m Gene with Engineer’s Visa from the Philippines. I have a DL of almost 6 years and it’s still valid. can I apply for the golden chance? but my visa is in Dubai and I’m working in Dubai. possible to have my training and classes here in Dubai?

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi! Great information, thanks!
    I have my practical test already booked but now I get to know that I need mandatory 6hs training.
    Could you please share the contact of your trainer with whom you bargain?
    Also, how can they upload the certificate? Shouldn’t it be an official school?
    THanks a ton

    1. Hi Paula,
      Yes – these instructors are all registered with the gov’s driving school, and hence they email the certificate to the authorities just the day before your test.
      If you need the contact number of the instructor who guided me, please send me an email and I will send you his phone number 🙂
      all the best.

  5. Hi ,
    I have saudi driving license. Through this I was booked a driving test appointment.but before attained the test do I got anything from courier.after test what to do and Total how much money I have to pay for final driving license.

      1. Hi
        Im thinking to go for golden chance as my visa is from dubai but i am working in abudhabi so what is the process and what if i didnt pass road test .
        Do i get second chance or again i have to reapply from beginning.

        1. Yes, as far as I know, you can apply from AD. If someone is unable to pass the road-test at once, they have to go for another driving lesson and then take the road-test again!

  6. Hi, I’m Saqib from Pakistan, I was open file there in March 2020 and now it’s already expired, I want to know how I can renew again and can I renew online?

  7. Hi Mr Mainak,

    Do you know if there is a arabic translation in emirates driving department? I was trying to follow your steps here but as of now all the typing centers I went don’t want to translate my home driving license, they are saying that right now they will only translate it if they will do the opening the file for me, which means paying the open file fee with them as well. Do you have any update or knowledge with the procedure nowadays? thanks!

  8. Hi. This is Ali. Mechanical engr by profession working in abu dhabi. i want to ask that what are the benefits of getting golden chance over going through normal routine setup, in terms of expense.

  9. Hi, I have a driving license from my country from Philippines and it will expire Year 2021 month of July, Do I have the chance for this Golden chance without theory here in Abu Dhabi…my Visa is also here in Abu Dhabi?

    May I know the amount more or less will be all for this?


    1. Hi Mouna,
      Yes, since you already have a Moroccan driving licence, you can definitely apply for Golden Chance in UAE. And since you already know how to drive, just with a bit of practice you will be able to get to the best levels of driving!
      All the best.

  10. Hi Mainak,

    I’m working in Dubai (having Abu Dhabi visa). Can i apply golden chance DL. I can appear for tests in AD but take training classes in dubai. will it work??. Is NOC required from my company. (I work as finance manager) – thx Ram

    1. Hi Ram, thank you for stopping by and going through my blog-post. 🙂
      Coming to your questions, as far as my knowledge goes – it should not be a problem at all. Since your visa is from AD, if you apply for DL in AD it should be perfect. And, if you have all the documents (most importantly DL from home country), you will be eligible for golden chance as well and I am pretty sure you won’t need a NOC.
      All the best. Feel free to write back if you have any doubts.

      And if you liked my blog, please do share it via your social media as well.


  11. Hi.. May I know.. I have india DL taken before 2months… Can I apply for Golden chance in abu dhabi driving license.. And my visa status is Operation Manager do I need NOC from Company

    1. Hi Asik, Thank you for visiting our blog.
      As far as I know, your Indian DL needs to be 6 months old to be eligible for golden-chance. And, based on your visa status, I don’t think you need to give NOC.
      Hope this helps, feel free to write back if you need any further information.
      All the best !

  12. How can i apply for a golden chance? I have home country driver’s license. I have passed my theory exam. But i haven’t submitted my driver’s license and arabic translation during opening file.

    1. Oops! Now that is a bit tricky! As far as I know, if you don’t submit your home country DL and its Arabic translation during file-open itself, they don’t accept it later. But I guess you can go and request them that you forgot to submit or that you didn’t know that you needed to submit the documents earlier. They might consider, but I am not sure.

      All the best!

      1. Hi am Lawrence Kibirige from Uganda,and my visa status is cleaner and I have my country DL with experience of more than 10yrs driving and my DL is varid,but without NoC I can apply for a golden chance.

        1. Yes, I think you can apply for golden chance because recently I heard that NOC is not mandatory. you can also check at the reception desk in the driving license department.
          all the best

  13. Where do i need to go for opening file and for theory test? Is this mandatory to attend classes for theory test or i can directly read and pass the test?

  14. Hi Man if I do not have DL from My home country but I have DL from Qatar will I be eligible still for golden chance or no? I am Filipino thanks

    1. Hi Eric! Yes, as far as I know, if you have a valid DL from any country, you will be able to get the “Golden Chance”. All the best.

    1. Cool.. this is interesting.. since when did it start? I was aware that some visa categories don’t need NOC but some other visa needs NOC.

  15. Hi sir, I have Indian licence and also Kuwait licence. I am on ordinary labour visa, and company not giving NOC. how can I apply?

  16. Sir, I am Ikbal Hussain from India. now working as a cook in an Arabic house. But I want to apply for driving license, so will I get the license or not.

    1. Hi Ikbal, Yes, you can definitely apply and I am sure you will get the DL as well. But, I think you will need to submit a NOC (no objection certificate) from the person who has sponsored your visa.

      1. Hi Mainak,

        Hope you are doing great! First of all thanks for the information it helps.

        Btw, I am Nikita from India and I just shifted one month back in AD and got my ID today. I have got my DL from India nd having more than 8 years experience right hand and very good driver. But I am really scared as left hand seems complicated with opposite road ways. I wanna as need some confidence is it easy to learn left hand as I am really good left handed I drive state to state in India but here just lil afraid due to strict laws haha.

        Second, I wanna can u give me an idea what exactly they ask during road test in golden chance? And, for how long they take the road test. Can u brief me what exactly they asked you to do asa you they come to you and your time starts. Pleasee tell your experience of the test. That’s thd only thing missing in hole post. And, I wanna know this please. It would diffrent for everyone. But it would give and idea if your during test questions or instructions they asked u.

        Sorry for the long text hahaha Kinda nervous.

        1. Hi Nikita,
          First of all, welcome to Abu Dhabi.
          To start with, its okay to be nervous, it is the same with everyone. I too was initially scared of driving in the opposite direction because we are all so used to dring on the left-side in India. But, with practice, I got more and more comfortable; and I am sure you will too!
          Coming to the road test, it’s not very difficult at all. It was just 5-7 mins! The police-personnel checks your basics – like traffic-sense, speed-control, use of indicators, lane-disciple etc.
          I have tried to compile my experience in these two blog-posts – Step-by-Step Guide to get UAE Driving License in Abu Dhabi and Golden Chance Driving License in Abu Dhabi: Quick & Easy way to get your UAE Driver’s License
          If you would like to know anything further, please feel free to Contact us
          all the best!

  17. hai .. Sir
    I have an Indian Driving License already translated Arabic but UAE my professional… Ordinary Labar Visa can I Apply for uae Driving License

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