Best Family Tourist Attractions to Visit in Dubai

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There are so many places of interest in Dubai that time never seems to be enough and when you return home you always do it with the feeling of having left something unseen behind you. The unforgettable spectacle of the sunset in the desert dunes or the wonder of the latest skyscraper in the city or the forbidden dream of the elegant boutiques of the Pharaonic Mall.

Dubai is all of this and more. It is a city perpetually in the balance between the east with its millenary traditions and the west with its modernity; between its breathtaking views and the ultramodern buildings that stand defying the laws of gravity; between the slow and relaxed rhythms of the desert and the frenzy and speed of the cities of the third millennium.

In short, answering the question: “what to see in Dubai?” is not a simple task, but, since you must start somewhere in travel as in life, here is an overview of the main tourist, architectural and landscape attractions of the Saudi pearl. You may choose Emirates airlines online booking with tajawal.

Traditional Dubai

To get to know the more Middle Eastern soul of the city, you must necessarily go to the historic district of Bur Dubai that runs along the creek and visit the many, colorful and fragrant souks of the city. From the sparkling Gold Souk (gold souk) with its pieces of jewelry from the sparkling windows to the characteristic and intoxicating spice souk to the colorful souk of fabrics with its
silks and its brightly colored drapes.

If you want to know the extraordinary history of this city, unlike any other city in the world, you can dedicate a few hours to the Dubai City Museum or visit the splendid Jumeirah Mosque, with its facade entirely in white stone.

Modern Dubai

Get ready to be amazed in front of the Burj al Arab, the famous 7-star hotel symbol of the city with its sail structure or to give you a stiff neck in front of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world with its 828 meters. Do not miss the suggestive show of water and lights of the Luminous Fountain.

The main attractions of Dubai

In one day you can’t see a lot, but if that’s all the time you have available because maybe Dubai is a stop on the cruise or you make a particularly long stopover, on a journey that will take you to another eastern destination, find out things not to be missed.


Unthinkable to leave Dubai without a visit to the Dubai Mall, the new luxury shopping mecca. Located a few meters from the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world, but it has nothing to do with the malls we are used to.

Decorated domes, Middle Eastern-style columns and arches, 1200 shops and even an ice skating rink. If you like shopping malls, then the Mall of Emirates is definitely worth a visit if only to experience the thrill of skiing at Ski Dubai, the largest indoor ski slope in the world.


For a different day than usual, to have fun with the whole family, there is nothing better than the Atlantis Aquaventure The Palm, the futuristic water park of the Atlantis Resort, the 5-star resort located on Palm Jumeirah, the famous artificial island in the shape of a palm tree.

It certainly does not go unnoticed, as it is surmounted by a huge Ziggurat, a life-size reconstruction of the ancient Sumerian temple.

And again, as you stroll through the boulevards of the Dubai Marina district, with its skyscrapers, shops, nightlife venues, squares, you will wonder if it is really true that until a few years ago there was only desert.

But Dubai is not only tradition, architecture, boutiques, it is also nature, breathtaking landscapes, miles of super-equipped white beaches such as Jumeirah Beach and above all desert. Dubai is the desert.

Stolen from the desert and surrounded by it, you cannot say that you have seen Dubai without seeing the desert dunes and waiting for the sunset. The sunset in the Dubai desert is one of those experiences that alone are worth the price of a trip.

So, whether you have 1 day, 3 days or 5 days to visit Dubai, these are the things you can’t miss!

Burj Khalifa

The Khalifa Tower, better known as Burj Khalifa, is the skyscraper in Dubai that is unrivaled in terms of height, being by far the tallest man-made construction in the world.

Inaugurated in 2010, with a lavish ceremony full of fireworks, this tower with mixed-use, commercial and residential is truly an international celebrity! We have all admired this colossus of reinforced concrete, steel and glass, at least in photos (the lucky ones, even live), but to get a better idea of its size, we must uncover its measurements:

  • HEIGHT: 828 meters.
  • FLOORS: 163 external, 2 underground ;
  • COST for its construction: 1, 5 billion dollars.

Near the tower is a large artificial lake, where the famous Dubai Fountain stands out. In the surrounding area, there are numerous bars, eateries and the large Dubai Mall.

Dubai desert

Next to the more urbanized Dubai, the one with record buildings and accustomed to unbridled luxury, there is the most authentic and uncontaminated Dubai, the one that offers us a naturalistic landscape to leave speechless.

A few kilometers, in fact, from the Dubai of skyscrapers, the desert extends the boundless expanses of sand, the camels and the sultry heat that we have always admired in TV documentaries become reality before our eyes.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that among the suggested activities in Dubai there is never a lack of desert safari: as soon as we leave the city center, the immensity of the pristine environment overwhelms us and we could spend hours contemplating the power of nature that has forged such an evocative landscape.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

When you think of Dubai, your thoughts fly to the profile of the Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs), with its legendary sail shape and all the possible and imaginable comforts that have allowed it to boast – first in the world – of 7 stars (even if officially they are 5).

The Burj Al Arab is the emblem of a Dubai that is not only modern but also projected into the future, of a record-breaking Dubai, of a Dubai that – with luxury and opulence – has built a worldwide reputation.

Atlantis, The Palm

A city within a city, this is “Atlantis, The Palm”, the 5-star resort in Dubai that certainly does not go unnoticed with its elegance and luxury.

What is Atlantis?
Located on Palm Jumeirah, the artificial palm-shaped island of Dubai, Atlantis occupies 46 hectares (of which 17 are intended for the water park) and is not simply a luxury hotel, but a true multifunctional center where anyone – from the smallest to the businessmen – can find services tailored to their needs.

Atlantis, inspired by the lost world of Atlantis, conquers its guests even before setting foot inside he structure: in fact, the hotel can be reached by the beautiful monorail that connects Dubai to The Palm and, once inside, you are catapulted into a new world, where aquatic life is the undisputed protagonist.

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