7 Adventurous Things To Do In Germany

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When it comes to deciding on an adventure destination, Germany is a country that fills the travellers’ hearts with pride and appreciation. Germany’s temptations are unparalleled – soccer, Oktoberfest festival, Cologne Carnival, beer, culture, architecture, monuments, and yes, the unmatched and unrivalled German engineering.

Germany is a country steeped in history and landscape. The ski destinations swell the adrenaline, and the soaring Alps command attention and awe. The must-visit choices are too many, and if pure adventure is on your mind, then here are the seven most adventurous places in Germany where you can spend a lifetime of memories. Let’s begin.

Driving on the World’s Fastest Road

Speed is not a constraint on the Autobahn in Germany. The highest speed clocked on the Autobahn runway was 268.8 miles per hour. The fastest speed under normal operating conditions achieved was by a Porsche GTurbo850 with a recorded figure of 236 miles per hour. The roads virtually have no speed limit and no fear of slowing down – an example of rock-solid German infrastructure. When you switch on your car engine in Autobahn, be prepared to explore the sheer adventure of 12,993 km of a superhighway. All car roofs cannot look the same when you are racing your car and mind at Autobahn. Just make sure to carry adequate stocks of refreshment and outdoor gear on your roof racks. A word of caution – while driving stay as much as possible to the right.

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Explore the Wild Woodland of Black Forest

The Black Forest in Southwestern Germany is a pristine and natural landscape. The waterfalls and scenic lakes, pine forests, and mountains fascinate the outdoor lovers. Hike to Germany’s tallest waterfalls, the Triberg Falls. The joy of walking across the waterfalls and looking at the cascading water below is awesome. Hire rowing boats on Lake Titisee, a travel spot surrounded by trees, mountains, and hills. The pretty Lake Feldsee has tall alpine trees around it – why it is special because you can get there only by foot! The Ravenna Gorge is an impressive railway viaduct. Relieve the 17th-century village life at Vogtsbauernhof. It is an open-air museum at the Black Forest. Grazing cows and blooming gardens – you will love to revisit the village moments here.

The ancient Hohenzollern Castle is home to the Prussian royalty. The spa town of Baden-Baden is home to the natural springs. Also, don’t miss the Baden Wine Road for a wine-tasting of Spätburgunder pinot noir. An endless expanse of some of the most untouched and unspoiled places in Germany – that is the beauty of the Black Forest.

Walk in the Bavarian Alps

Discover the true meaning of the word freedom by paragliding in the Bavarian Alps. The up-winds on the Untemberg or the Rauschberg cable car are a great sight for the spectators. Hike around Eibsee, at the foot of the tallest peak in Germany or follow the entire trail to the falls of the Lech River. Delight in a high-mountain experience of Zugspitze (the highest point in Germany) by spending one night in an Alpine hut. The crystal-clear lakes around the towering German mountains, the welcoming villages in the Alps, a night in a mountain hut, and a plate of warm pancakes are memories that will stay longer.

Driving the Most Daunting Race Track

Taking a taxi ride in an upscale city is nowhere near racing on the 13-mile long race track in Eifel Forest, Germany. Also called the Green Hell, the Nürburgring Nordschleife is the scariest race track that defines supreme adventure with its 170 corners. Built-in 1927, the racing track will thrill the nerves with the scenery of blind hills, trees and narrow straits lining the track. The Nürburgring was home to Formula One and sports car racing. Some dreadful cases led to the construction of an adjacent shorter Grand Prix circuit. To get a taste of adventure on the race track, drivers need to pay a toll. Nordschleife is one of the most legendary race tracks in the world and its beauty has been accentuated by spray painting graffiti all over the track by locals.

Skiing at Ochsenkopf

An opportunity to play the winter sports brings joy untold to the travelers. Ochsenkopf is Europe’s finest ski resort. It has 27 different runs, floodlit so that skiing pleasure continues in the night hours. The ski park has a 100-meter ski jump, with convenient options for snowboarding and hiking. Snowshoes and skiing equipment are available on rent in Ochsenkopf and at nearby resorts.

Extreme Camping at Kappel and Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht

Source – Telegraph.co.uk

Nothing can match the adventure of sleeping in sky tents hanging from trees with a beautiful and panoramic view of the Alps at Kappel and Höllschlucht. Reaching your sky tent needs just a couple of ropes and cables. While Kappel is a perfect campground for an adventure of this nature, the Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht gives plenty of sky hanging options.

Sledging in Walberg

Winters is sledging time for the Germans. It is a favorite outdoor activity where the people slide downhill over snow on a sledge. Wallberg mountain near Rottach-Egern is one of the best places for sledging buffs. It has the longest sledge run of more than 4 miles. There are two choices in sledging equipment that you can pick – a traditional wooden sledge and modern sleigh. Both options make sliding down the snowy slopes roller-coaster. Sledges are available on rent which does away with the option of carrying them from your hotel or place of accommodation.
Germany has a rich diversity when it comes to exploring adventure destinations in Europe. There is plenty to see and do in this Western European country. Weather is pleasantly warm here in May right up to September – the perfect time to enjoy treks, hikes, outdoors during this period. So, pack well and book your accommodation in advance!

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