5 Gorgeous roads to ride in India

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Gorgeous roads to ride in India
Gorgeous roads to ride in India  (Image: Vir Nakal – Flickr)

With the massive expanse that our country dons along with an abundance of natural beauty that evolves every few miles, wanderlust is not a farfetched desire really. It gets better if your idea of wanderlust is an adventure, unconfined to the conventions of a holiday or vacation. Perhaps a biking rendezvous in the moist deciduous forests of untouched East India, salt marshes of Gujarat, the arid beauty of the Thar Desert, a slice of paradise a.k.a Kashmir or that one road that never gets too old Goa-Bombay; we bring to you 5 gorgeous roads to ride in India. A phenomenal blend of ferocity and beauty, these roads will make you want to take up road trip right away! Without wasting much time get your hands on this vacation planner so you can- ready, set, go!!

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Five Gorgeous roads to ride in India

     5. Guwahati to Tawang

Making your way through a maze of hairpin bends, clouds gently pecking the snowclad mountains, inviting monasteries, and quaint roadside pit stops that summon a pitstop with the aroma of maggi and momos; the Guwahati to Tawang is everything inexplicable. To make the most of this route whilst enjoying a pleasant ride, March to October are considered the best times to ride.

Guwahati to Tawang - NH 229
Guwahati to Tawang – NH 229    (image: journey2outdoors)

Highway: NH229
Distance: 488 kilometers
Approximate time taken: 13 hours

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     4. Barmer to Bikaner

The thought of riding through the Great Indian Desert, may sure sound daunting, but choose to ride during the winter months, October to February and your are bound to have one memorable ride. The only ones you will come across on this route are some gullible-faced camels and their gaffer!

Barmer to Bikaner - NH 11
Barmer to Bikaner – NH 11

Highway: NH11
Distance: 419 kilometers
Approximate time taken: 7 hours

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     3. Ahmedabad to Kutch

This dreamlike salt desert begins to draw crowds as soon as the water here starts drying up. The experience of a ride here can be very enlightening on the cultural front, especially, owing to three cultures that make their presence felt strongly here – Gujarati, Kutchi and Sindhi! Look forward to a plethora of delicacies, cozy retreats in the form of tents, enticing full moon nights and an interesting ghostly phenomena of Chir Batti!

Ahmedabad to Kutch - NH 947
Ahmedabad to Kutch – NH 947    (Image: Nagarjun Kandukuru – Flickr)

Highway: NH947
Distance: 400 kilometers
Approximate time taken: 7 hour

     2. Mumbai to Goa

Much before Dil Chahta Hai romanticised it, NH8 has been a icon of several vacations. With time and engineering, roads got better and so did the modes of transports, making way for adventures that effortlessly created a lifetime of memories. This route, especially, can turn out to be a dream route for foodies thanks to a vast stretch of Konkan that you will pass. Delicious Konkani food calls!

Mumbai to Goa - NH 8
Mumbai to Goa – NH 8

Highway: NH8
Distance: 591 kilometers
Approximate time taken: 11 hours

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     1. Srinagar to Leh

Of course, this had to be number one on our list. You can look up a zillion pictures of biking adventures in this part of the country, a one of its kind sojourn in its own right, but you’ve got to be there to actually believe its surreality! Along with riding through some of the most challenging terrains, you will also pass the country’s most sensitively secured regions like Kargil. Rest assured, this route beckons thrill like no other!

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Srinagar to Leh - NH 1
Srinagar to Leh – NH 1   (image: Vir Nakal – Flickr)

Highway: NH1
Distance: 421 kilometers
Approximate time taken: 8 hours

In the end…

We hope you enjoyed reading these and we have been able to inspire you to take some of these road trips. We (Sonakshi and I) love road trips a lot and hence, we hit the road frequently. Check out our other road trips here:

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  1. The amazing road trip I love to experience these kinds of trip in my life. I definitely will plan for any of these places.

  2. I’ve always loved road trips before… My husband and I have done UK, America and Spain… Soon to come in India so this is the perfect post to have stumbled upon. I love the look of Mumbai to Goa – so green!

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